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  • Many different types and sizes of balers
    • Most common is a Vertical Downstroke Baler (found at most grocery stores) because they are primarily used for Cardboard. It can also be used for various Paper and Plastics.
  • Best way to handle scrap commodities as you get the most compaction and makes your recyclables become a commodity – worth $

Apartment compactor

  • Small yet powerful and can fit in areas where space is limited such as trash rooms of apartment and high-rise buildings
  • Commonly used in conjunction with a chute feed system in multi-stored buildings


  • Major space saver
  • Originally  developed for the narrow alleyways of Chicago
  • Commonly used by hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, alleys, and hospitals
  • Secure plus no heavy or clumsy lids to open and close
  • Because it doubles as a compactor and container, it saves your hauler time because the hauler has only one container to pick up